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ComeHomeCar drive dream cars & bikes

Our Service Model

Ride your loved cars & motorcycles

Comehomecar is here to make you fall in love

It offers unique concept of bartering cars & motorcycles, a wide range segments of commuter, sports & race, luxury, green, classic & antique cars and motorcycles are available for you to barter.

Share your passion, love and adventure like never before

Car and motorcycle owners can share their vehicles and open up for bartering & sharing charging a Maintenance.

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commuter cars

ComeHomeCar users can book cars at very affordable price that a car owner has quoted.

Sports & Luxury Cars

Book and drive cars that you have always dreamed of driving/riding one day, the ultimate beauty.


Breathing open air and riding a powerful machine zooming past everything is a wordless experience, go for it.

Classic & Antique

This unique concept helps you drive and ride age old history and help you take feel of machines of past time.

Our Unique Offerings


Your Car Bartering

  • Upload your car details
  • Keep car bartering active
  • Let others barter their cars
  • Quote your barter price
  • Get maintenance amount

Your car Lending

  • Upload your car details
  • Keep car lending active
  • Lend your car to peers
  • Quote your lend amount
  • Get maintenance amount

Barter in org & Community

  • Provide organization or community details
  • Show cars & bikes in same org and community searches
  • Allow users from same org and community to book your cars & motorbikes

How comehomecar works?

New Users and Guest Visitors!

A new user can register by clicking hamburger menu appearing right beside this content, sign up as user, fill the basic details remember to enter your organization/community details that helps in org/community search and connect with folks bartering in your org and community. You are good to go and do either a postal code or city search and find cars & motorbikes that you love to ride, as guest visitor you can search vehicles but need to register before parking in Garage.

Car & Motorbike owners!

ComeHomeCar believes cars & bikes as an asset that as much helps you, will help others when shared. Sign up as car & bike owner from the menu, provide your vehicle, organization and community details (helps in org and community searches), and you are all set. You completely control barter and lend prices and can make changes as you wish creating your own model. An owner has all the rights and can perform all activities as an user too.